Risk Disclaimer
Investing in virtual assets generally involves high risks and is not appropriate for all investors. Before you decide to invest in such kinds of investments, tokens, or any other crypto asset, you should carefully consider your investment options, risk appetite, and level of experience.
We would like to remind you that while our platform will endeavour to offer a robust metaverse ecosystem. However, reitio will not bear any responsibility in instances where you incur losses after investing with us. This Greenbook is for educational purposes, providing analysis and generic information related to crypto-assets, IEOs, and Blockchain.
No content on the Greenbook constitutes—or should be construed to mean—a recommendation to enter in any transaction or any of the profitable investment strategies. We also do not offer personalised views or recommendations as to whether REGs, REGALs, or the investment approach is suited to the financial requirements of a specific user.
The Greenbook is intended to be used solely for informational purposes. In this regard, you must undertake your own analysis before investing in the project or getting involved in a crypto-based project based on your own personal experiences. If in doubt, you can solicit independent financial advice from an expert before making the decision.
Specific Risks
Crypto marketplaces have multiple associated risks that you need to be aware of before making any investment decision. Below are some of them:
Fraud. As decentralised entities, crypto markets are largely unregulated. As such, fraudsters can solicit funds to build a project but never deliver on their promises. You should thoroughly conduct your own research to ascertain whether the project is genuine or not.
Hacks. Whereas it is less likely that Blockchain can get attacked, there is a greater risk for the applications built on top of the technology. For example, applications like wallets and browsers can easily get compromised by hackers. Like many Blockchain projects, reitio is not insured. In the event of a hack, we will not be held responsible for the loss of your funds.
Extreme volatility. Cryptocurrencies and, by extension, virtual assets are largely volatile assets. As such, the value of REGs or REGALs may or may not advance reitio’s users' interests because of fluctuations in prices.
Accidental loss of tokens. There is the possibility that you can lose your entire token from your wallets due to various factors. For example, if you lose your wallet keys or failure to adhere to IEO’s instructions. You may also lose your tokens if you fail to remember your password.
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