Friends of reitio
reitio emissary program (REP)
While our longer term of creating a seamless reitioDAO still stands, we’ve partnered with established and up-and-coming entities to bring you special perks, simply by joining us as a reitio emissary.
The selection process for the pioneer batch of reitio emissaries will first be hosted by reitio, through a four-point check which includes, but not limited to:
Individual’s skill set and contribution to reitio KYC/AML verification process reitio usage duration Staked REG and vesting period
Additionally, reitio may undergo further review process for the following group of emissary candidates: Social presence (for social media and other marketing-related emissaries) Github and work portfolios (for programming, and other development-related emissaries)
Upon the launch of reitioDAO, the REP will be chosen via a decentralised voting process which will be made on our platform, chosen by the reitio community.
More information will be announced in our Medium account and official blog after REG token sale.
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