Technical Overview
reitio Protocol will be creating a state-of-the-art Layer 3 solution for the open metaverse
5.1 Protocol Layer
The protocol layer of reitio’s platform facilitates collateral virtual assets loans and virtual asset swap that supports the decentralized finance aspect of the Metaverse economy. In addition, the dedicated wallet provides integrated service to reitio’s platform where it ensures secured storage of user specific assets. Data aggregation will be the other key aspect of the protocol layer which allows for value creation from curated datasets for the masses. Through the open API nature of the protocol, it would greatly benefit the community in gaining valuable insights into the Metaverse economy.
5.2 Application Layer
The core of reitio’s application layer is the Virtual Asset Creator which democratizes the creation of virtual assets on a transparent and secured platform. With the other associated features, reitio’s platform will provide our users the means for creation, exchange and interaction across the Metaverse on a single user experience focused platform.
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