5. Galen Administration: Elected Term 2023-27

5.1. The Roadmap


  • Hegion pod — Access Pass NFT sale
  • Default in-house Reitio templates, download/export creations as a 3D file (gITF, OBJ, etc.)
  • Community artists onboarding (restricted) — upload vetted custom templates or asset packs
  • Reitio account — bind to web3 wallet or fiat on-ramp provider


  • Hegion pod — Unique, Rare, Common pod reveal
  • Reitio account — user profile (access historical creations and in-progress drafts, show activity metrics, etc.)
  • Live smart contracts — facilitate ‘atomic’ $REIGN value exchange (royalty, “creation fee”, mint fee, etc.)
  • Community artists onboarding (open) — upload custom templates or asset packs
  • Direct deployment to partner virtual worlds — mint Reitio-generated 3D assets as NFTs


  • Hegion pod — testnet
  • Reitio account — artists profile (quality-of-service analytics: “total templates created”, “average rating”, etc.)
  • Marketplace — buy/sell/trade Reitio-generated NFTs
  • Reitio app — access the 3D CAD toolkit from mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.)
  • Hegion pod — mainnet

5.2. The Council

  • Galen (Founder, CEO): Serial entrepreneur with one successful exit. Former Chief Brand Officer for BingX, a top 10 crypto derivatives exchange. Former Advisor (Sales) for ETHLend (now Aave Protocol) in 2018.
  • Bryan (Co-Founder, Head of Operations): Certified Advanced Scrum Master and Product Owner of Scrum Alliance. Previously an Executive Project Engineer for Land Transport Authority (a statutory board under the Ministry of Transport of the Singapore Government).
  • Fefe (Co-Founder, Chief of Staff): Over 10 years of professional experience in leading financial institutions (Barclays, UBS), handling employee relations and compliance.