4.3. Tokenomics
$REIGN will have a circulating supply of 33,900,000 tokens at TGE, out of a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens. All private investors and advisors will be subject to at least a 34-month long vesting period. The team will also be subject to a 12-month cliff, followed by a 48-month daily vesting schedule. This arrangement ensures that all involved parties (especially the team) are in it for the long haul, fully aligned towards the long-term success of the project.
Furthermore, 8% of total supply (80,000,000 tokens) will be allocated to Liquidity, in which they are mainly geared towards market-making and to maintain a deep order book at all times across various CEXs and DEXs. This will help to curb bid/ask spreads within a reasonable band, reducing the likelihood of $REIGN price manipulation as a byproduct of this decreased volatility.
Following on, 61% of total supply (610,000,000 tokens) will be earmarked for the Reitio Treasury, which can be further split into two categories: Foundation, and Community.
Of this 61%, 43% (430,000,000 tokens) will be allotted to Foundation to pay for the protocol's operational expenses, while 18% (180,000,000 tokens) will be allotted to Community, mainly to fund initiatives meant to bootstrap Reitio's initial user base and cultivate network effects.
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