3.6. Hegion: Reitio's Proprietary 3D Sandbox Environment
To a great extent, current “preview mechanisms” for 3D assets just don’t do any justice to its underlying resource. As seen on legacy 3D marketplaces like CGTrader [13], 3D asset thumbnails largely boils down to point-in-time snapshots in form of 2D images. Unfortunately, this is insufficient at best — potential suitors could never generate a satisfactory representation of the underlying 3D asset on their heads just by looking at the thumbnail.
This has profound effects: an otherwise good quality 3D asset could remain undiscovered, simply due to the fact that current thumbnails cannot offer artists with a way to pack enough information into it for onlookers to visualize an acceptable version of their 3D asset without having to access the full underlying resource altogether.
(actual product may vary due to enhancement...)
Hegion Pods are fully web-based virtual spaces designed for “rich previews” of 3D assets. Holders of Access Pass NFTs would be entitled to a Pod (or a virtual space), acting as a personal gallery for them to display and test out their creations in a real 3D environment.
For artists, the Pod would take on the function as their online portfolio: parties of interest will be able to access the Pod via the artist's Reitio account. For ordinary users, the Pod would become more like their “Metaverse profile”, a virtual space where they can bring their most prized 3D assets to life.
As each Hegion Pod is fully customizable, owners would be able to design their virtual space to fit their preferences and personality — in the same elk as a Snapchat Bitmoji avatar or an Instagram profile page.
Initially, there will be a total of 10,000 Access Pass NFTs, all of which represent "tickets" to draw a Hegion Pod — classification as follows:
  • Unique (1% odds): Huge 10x12m pods capped at 100 units, largely meant to host the asset portfolio of hotshot Metaverse artists as well as prominent business entities.
  • Rare (9% odds): Medium-sized 6x10m pods capped at 900 units, intended for showcasing the assets of aspiring Metaverse artists and agencies.
  • Common (90% odds): Small 6x6m pods capped at 9,000 units. Suitable for ordinary Metaverse users and participants, acting as a personal virtual gallery for peers to visit and wander around.
Further details to be made available closer to launch.
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