3.1. The 3D Creator Economy
It is easy to overlook the fact that YouTube, by far the world’s most popular video streaming platform, was established more than 15 years ago from the time of this writing.
Credit where credit is due (the platform has indeed empowered video creators to make a living doing what they love), but contrary to popular belief, retail demand for self-curated video content has always been there even prior to YouTube’s establishment — there just hasn’t been a good enough platform to unleash this “hidden” latent demand and pair it with the scores of red-eyed video creators hungry for monetization, that is until the advent of YouTube.
The Metaverse is set to bring forth a Cambrian explosion in retail demand for 3D assets. Besides for production studios or enterprise clienteles, it expands the buyer pool of existing 3D artists to include everyday Metaverse participants.
Just like how the Internet sets the stage for the “video creator economy” to shine courtesy of YouTube, the Metaverse will provide the foundation for the “3D creator economy” of the future — with Reitio as the enabler.
Soon enough, prominent artists whose designs are wildly popular amongst the Metaverse populace would find themselves effectively becoming “Internet celebrities” in due course, in a similar vein to the so-called ‘YouTubers’ or social media personalities of now.
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