3. Reitio: Metaverse UGCs, Democratized

In a similar resemblance to the Internet, the Metaverse’s path to Valhalla requires tackling each of these three stages: 1) adoption of virtual worlds; 2) transition from siloed virtual worlds to the open Metaverse; 3) commercialization of Metaverse virtual assets.
However, first priority unquestionably falls on the first stage: without UGC, we have no adoption — without adoption, we have nothing.
Reitio democratizes the Metaverse’s UGC creation process to the masses. Being an intuitive and user-friendly 3D design tool at its core, Reitio enables users to create their own fully customizable 3D assets and bring them to life on their virtual world of choice, regardless of background or experience.
No longer limited by the steep learning curve of existing 3D asset editors, Reitio unlocks the vast creative potential hidden amongst ordinary Metaverse participants, setting the stage for the mass adoption of virtual worlds — the first stage of the Metaverse's path to Valhalla.