1.5. The Open Oasis
The Metaverse is an emerging blue ocean, formed as an amalgamation of three existing red oceans of online entertainment: social media, video game, and e-commerce. The fact that the metaverse-like virtual world trio of Roblox, Minecraft, and Fortnite, are all in the top 5 most played games ranked by peak concurrent players [8], says a lot about the latent demand for the ‘real’ Metaverse: an open oasis of interoperable virtual worlds.
Just like how webpages can range from casual food blogs to the world encyclopedia, virtual worlds also come in all shapes and sizes: an outer space shooter with progressive gameplay, a VR-based work office, a pixelated world for user-generated experiences, a cyberpunk metropolis for socializing, a futuristic tech hub for crypto commerce, you name it!
A single webpage is only able to fit in so much information — but with a network of interconnected webpages, you create the World Wide Web. Similarly, a single virtual world is only capable of hosting so much experience — but with a network of interoperable virtual worlds, you create the Metaverse.
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