1.1. A Short View Back to the Past
The roots of the term “metaverse” goes all the way back to 1992, the year when the critically-acclaimed sci-fi novel of Neal Stephenson, “Snow Crash”, was first published to the world.
To put things into perspective, this is around the time when Mosaic, the world’s first “user-friendly” web browser, was brought into existence (it later became Netscape). Mosaic allows users to see words and pictures on the same page and to navigate using scrollbars and clickable links, which back then was such a novel proposition that its market cap skyrocketed to circa $6 billion on its peak at the end of 1995.
Since then, Internet technologies have developed at a blistering pace. From the niche plaything of hardcore computer geeks dubbed the “information superhighway”, the Internet has comfortably outgrown that definition to become increasingly ubiquitous to us as it penetrates every inch of our daily lives, so much so that its importance is now comparable to utilities like clean water and electricity.
Goes without saying, the Internet right now dictates almost all facets of our modern society: social media, e-commerce, financial services, and so forth.
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