Reitio Protocol

4.1 Overview

All in all, the Intrinsic value of $REIGN can be narrowed down into two categories:
1. $REIGN as the primary apparatus for market participants to perform certain functions on Reitio:
  • Flat “creation fee” for each 3D asset created on Reitio;
  • Flexible royalty fee to 3D artists for the usage of their premium templates;
  • Network transaction fees (gas);
  • Virtual world deployment and NFT minting fees;
2. $REIGN to facilitate Reitio's decentralized governance process via time-weighted, vote-locked tokens (a la Curve’s $veCRV):
  • Election of community delegates to serve as the Reitio Foundation’s checks and balances;
  • Election of protocol and treasury delegates of the ReitioDAO;
  • Other ad-hoc proposals (ex: protocol fee structure, third-party integrations, etc.);