Reitio Protocol

3.4 Data Aggregation & Monetization

Reitio strives to curate and unlock the value of Metaverse-related datasets which provides game-changing insights for our users. With that, we will implement a Metaverse Data Marketplace to assist users such as content creators, metaverse advertisers, and retail investors in streamlining market research via a transparent ecosystem.
Our users have full control of their data but at the same time have the option to monetize through the sale of selected datasets. The data-driven Marketplace leverages blockchain-powered secure transactions and smart contracts to allow users in transacting data streams, maximize profits with machine learning, and even inculcate a fair and transparent promotional method in an NFT marketplace.
In addition, as the platform generates more datasets with increased user activities, users will have the opportunity to own a piece of the data with unique algorithmic patterns. However, the generative art will not be created unless users specify to mint a new virtual asset. The art is generated instantly when this is done, allowing a user to own and interact with it. Each time a user mints a virtual asset, the blockchain generates a seed. The platform then generates unique art by using the data available on the marketplace. a
Once created, the platform distributes the generative artwork to the marketplace, granting creators the right to exclusive virtual asset and some perks if they wish to stake such assets on the marketplace.