Reitio Protocol

3.2 Open Metaverse Interoperability

The integration of a virtual asset specification into multiple virtual world projects is not an easy task as there are individual technical requirements to be fulfilled. Reitio’s (VAIS) aims to solve that problem by allowing for an evolvable NFT that obtains derivatives of the specific NFT resource versions suitable for different virtual worlds.
We are able to ensure the scalability and flexibility of our platform through VAIS to support existing and new virtual world projects in the future. This is with the anticipation that there will definitely be new virtual world projects created on the horizon and we will need to assist them accordingly. Therefore, the standard is designed in such a way that 3D NFTs have the ability to expand with additional resources that fulfill the respective requirements of various virtual worlds so that they are interoperable across the open Metaverse.
As such, additional resources such as .svg and other file fragments can be added on-chain to the 3D NFT at any point of its lifetime, long after the initial minting of the NFT. The additional resources have a link that points to a separate, arbitrary metadata file on the IPFS. In this manner, the virtual worlds that the resources are intended for would have a reference to all of the necessary metadata and other important files.
When a 3D NFT is created, the data will be included in an arbitrary format where either it could be minted with zero metadata or as much as reasonably possible. In the future, Reitio will be the compatibility provider that facilitates the additional resources onto existing 3D NFTs to be compatible across virtual worlds in the Metaverse.