Reitio Protocol

2.3 Reica

The "Metaverse Profile and Showcase Gallery" for 3D Assets
NFT access card
Reica is Reitio's proprietary 3D environment to serve as the “Metaverse profile” of Reitio users — a virtual space (or a "Capsule") where they can display their most prized Reitio-generated 3D assets in one place, regardless of its intended virtual world.
Holders of Access Pass NFTs would be entitled to a Reica Capsule. These exclusive NFTs represent "tickets" to draw a Reica Capsule — classification as follows:
  • Unique (1% odds): Huge 10x12m pods capped at 100 units, largely meant to host the asset portfolio of hotshot Metaverse 3D artists as well as prominent business entities.
  • Rare (9% odds): Medium-sized 6x10m pods capped at 900 units, intended for showcasing the assets of aspiring Metaverse artists and agencies.
  • Common (90% odds): Small 6x6m pods capped at 9,000 units